13 thoughts on “Official Site”

  1. ken k. says:

    Hi,Audrey I just wanted to tell you that you are very beatiuful!!

  2. Sundar says:

    U R Very Beautiful… I Want to fuck U

  3. IOANNIS BALIS artist says:

    Audrey if the fuck is coin come to me to make you rich.

  4. Leester says:

    My cock is always rockhard wtcn u perform cum like p north

  5. dharmesh says:

    i love ur body u r too beautiful ,my cock gets harder and harder with ur performance i watch ur porn dvds regularly.i love u baby


    I admire this woman, very beautiful, look sexy, I think too much in this woman, my dream is to know this woman.

  7. Max labrunie says:

    Hi Audrey I your video very sexy and I know if have photography from you let me know

  8. Roger magana says:

    Hey Audrey I’m a huge fan of your videos. I saw you did a video for a mans birthday party and I really would like to know how I can go about doing that with you. I watch your videos on the daily. And I really really want you. I love everything about you, from your gorgeous face to those pretty little feet of yours . If there’s ANY way we can do this, I could check one off my bucket list. Lol but my email is in this. If you’re interested please email me and hopefully we can set something up. Thank you beautiful

  9. 123batch@@gmail.com says:

    I want make a movie with you

  10. Kivanc says:

    Hey audrey you is beautiful com Amsterdam i am living here with me marihanna smoking i like you
    I want fuck u please

  11. Fernando says:

    When are you going to make an interracial video ? greetings from Brazil ! =xxx

  12. Jeff says:

    Yore amazing. Do you ever come to San Diego? If so, love to show you a good time. Well off good looking guy Jeff

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